Our Firm Culture

Respect, Integrity, and forward thinking are the cornerstones of GSKS Law. Throughout the years we have established a level of professional excellence that has not gone unnoticed, making us one of the most successful arbitration firms in Canada. The law evolves constantly and our solicitors are bound to seek new and innovative approaches to business providing our clients with the best counsel while maintaining the utmost core values and principles.

Our Story

GSKS Law provides legal services to clients worldwide in international commercial arbitration as well as Investor-state arbitration. We also process broker misconduct penalties and multinational business disputes.

Since one of our attorneys was a victim of fraud, we took it upon ourselves to specialize in arbitration as the primary field and not just as an occasional mandate, deploying all necessary resources to lead the field and become experts in it. We are fully dedicated to international arbitration, and we continuously offer counsel abying by the leading arbitration rule systems operating practically under any law worldwide.

The extraordinary insight obtained by this dedication has given us knowledge of the opposition, procedures and the actions needed to be taken with high specificity, often making a difference in the outcome of the dispute.